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We are a small, cohesive team that has been serving the community since the 90's

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Abu Bakr Rieger

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The idea of the free marketplace is one of the original forms of Islamic coexistence. In every Islamic civilization, since the Prophet's first community, the mosque and the marketplace belong together. Islam responds to the spiritual and economic needs of the people. Unfortunately, in modern urbanity, these phenomena are hardly visible, as most mosques have too little space to offer all services in one place.

Islamic law ensures that a marketplace does not belong to anyone and that every trader has equal access to the sales and trading area. Consequently, everyone benefits from access to the market. Monopolization is counteracted and no one is excluded from the marketplace - regardless of their religious denomination.

The marketplace is an elementary part of a halal economy; a way of doing business that today must also take into account the quality and history of the products offered and pay attention to fairness in trade and customer satisfaction.

The online marketplace is open to companies, professional traders and small business owners, regardless of their faith.

The service of this platform includes technical assistance in the creation and maintenance of its own trading platform, as well as direct personal involvement in all the processes of trading.


Foto der Titelseite einer Druck-Ausgabe der Islamischen Zeitung

This sales platform is mainly sponsored by Islamischen Zeitung .

The Islamic Newspaper has existed since 1995 and is financially independent on its own two feet. This means that there is no state or religious organization or special group behind it.

The people who work at the Islamic newspaper belong to the Ahlu Sunnah and practice their religion according to one of the four schools of law.


We are looking for more sponsors from the Muslim community. If you are interested, let's talk about your advantages in sponsoring this marketplace.

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