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The blog section has opened!

We have only recently (about 3 weeks ago) publicly launched this marketplace. However, the concept and development took over a year. The concept and planning for muZlim Market took longer than the technical development. And, of course, the pandemic got in the way.

Since our launch, we have been in the merchant onboarding phase. And while behind the scenes more talks, onboarding and help for the sellers are going on, we can’t forget to communicate how this marketplace works (how-tos and tutorials), what’s new and what we still have planned in the near future.

This marketplace is not “Islamic” in the sense that only Muslims are allowed to buy and sell here. “Islamic” here means above all that we value fairness, that we do not allow haram goods and services, that no one is cheated or exploited in the slightest (even in the production process of the products) and that we are personally there for customers and sellers if there should be any problems and want to settle conflicts to everyone’s satisfaction.

However, we will go into more detail on these topics as well.

We will also present the stories and specialties of our sellers here, because most of them do not sell ordinary products as you know them from other marketplaces.

Our IT also makes new experiences with every feature, with every tool, with every plugin and we also want to sprinkle these from time to time in our blog without boring the non-technical readers too much.

So this blog has to be here.

“After the launch is before the launch” is what they say in our tech industry and that’s exactly how it is. The work has only just begun.

The next thing is to internationalize this platform. We started in German, but we want to expand our activity and offer an English version as well.

So subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or check back here on the blog from time to time.

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